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Tennis Court Repair & Maintenance

August 22nd, 2013 | Posted in Tennis Courts | No Comments

Tennis Court Repair in Wisconsin, Minnesota & MichiganTennis courts are relatively inexpensive and easy to maintain, starting with keeping the surface clean and free of defects. The key to tennis court longevity is both maintenance and repair when damage first appears. Resurfacing is often necessary to restore color, texture, and lines.

Cracks are the most common issue with tennis courts. This is partly due to the effect of weather and aging of the asphalt. In addition, asphalt loses its flexibility and becomes more brittle over time. Proper maintenance & repair will keep your court looking new and playing safe year after year.

While tennis courts are surfaced with speciality sports coatings, underneath most are made of the same asphalt you would find on a parking lot or driveway. This means that many of the same techniques used to repair asphalt pavements on traditional parking lots also apply for tennis court surfaces.

Another issue that many tennis courts face is surface wear that causes the colors to fade. This can make the court appear old and less appealing to players. Resurfacing will also restore the vibrant colors of the original tennis court.

It is important to obtain the services of a professional company who has the tools, equipment, and experience for proper tennis court repair and maintenance. Fahrner Asphalt Sealers can inspect your tennis court and take appropriate action for tennis court repairs. Depending on the condition of the asphalt, the tennis court repair can require anything from filling in cracks and small patches, to extensive repairs. Fahrner Asphalt Sealers can provide a full line of tennis court repair to address any and all issues.

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If you have a tennis court that needs repair in the Wisconsin, Minnesota and Upper Michigan areas, call Fahrner Asphalt today at (800) 332-3360 or request a free quote here to ensure your tennis court’s surface achieves superior longevity.

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